Stella Viner


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At the core of this creation, the initial of Natasha’s name stands as a symbol of her individuality, adorned by the celestial symbols that mirror her connection to the universal energy, the peonies, her favourite flowers, whispering tales of beauty and grace.
This personalized monogram design is not just art, it’s a spiritual journey, a reflection of Natasha’s uniqueness where healing and love converge. May it remind her of the harmonious vibrations that resonate within her very soul.

Your custom artwork will be created in the similar style, 11x14 size, unless you want a certain size in mind.
It will take me 7-10 days and then I will send you a picture for your approval.
I will need the person’s name I’m designing for and a few things that he or she likes that would be close to their heart.

I create on a beautiful sturdy watercolour paper.
Signed & dated by me.

The finished artwork will be carefully shipped to you between 2 sheets of mat board, and tucked into a cello sleeve for protection.